Lao soup-salad
  When I tasted this soup in Laos. I was outraged - " this is not the soup for you. "Judge for yourself - in hot water with the noodles…

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The most expensive dishes
The most expensive dishes How often do you dine in restaurants or cafe and usually how much is your score? Surely, the average cost of a meal is thousands of…

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The most expensive cheese in the world

Cheese – loved by all gourmets who appreciate it for its rich taste, special aroma and unique combination with the best wine. In many countries cheese is a gourmet dessert that is served at the end of the meal and washed down with excellent wine collection.

However, there are varieties of cheese that can be called a real delicacy, sold at exorbitant prices.

Some cheeses are true delicacies

Cheese record

The most expensive cheese in the world is a product made from sheep’s milk in the cheese-making known Jesus Analy Juaristi. A 500 gram head of this cheese was sold at auction in the North of Spain for 6.3 million euros.

If we consider that such cheeses are 50 to 80 euros per kilo, this record can be considered very significant. The most expensive cheese in the world was bought by the owner of Spanish restaurants, who hoped to make their school excellent advertising.

Cheese made from moose milk

Incredibly expensive cheese prepared at the farm House Moose in Sweden. For its production must be moose milk, milk which can only at certain times of the year, but by the time this process takes at least 3 hours.

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The most delicious sandwiches

The most delicious sandwiches from around the world

What do you think the most popular dish in any country? This is of course roll with meat or other fillings. The Americans have Hot Dog, we have a sandwich with doctor’s sausage and butter :). But let’s look at delicious food from other countries. For example from Asia or Europe.

In this post presents the art of cookery in the pictures and description what made the sandwiches and any hostess or the owner will easily be able to partake of any delicacy in his kitchen

Chacarero (Chile)

Traditional Chilean sandwich of thinly sliced steak or pork on a round bun with tomato, green beans and chilli.

Cemita (Mexico)

There was this kind of sandwich in Puebla. It consists of avocado, meat, white cheese, onions and salsa Roja. It all fits on the bun is a brioche.

Chip Batty (UK)

The most delicious sandwiches from around the world.

Luko Barros (Chile)

Just beef and melted cheese on a bun. The sandwich is named after former President Ramon Barros Luko, who ever ordered them in the restaurant of the Chilean National Congress.

Chivito (Uruguay)

Chivito translates from Spanish as “little goat”, “goat”, but this sandwich is made from slices of beef with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise, olives or olives and often Continue reading

Simple recipes of snacks

Meat salad with canned squid

What to do if rang , and friends announced the visit? Hospitable hostess hurriedly start to remember the simple and delicious recipes of salads and appetizers. They have to look perfect, to take an appetizing form to publish and unsurpassed flavor. But the memory is hopelessly silent, as luck would have it not at hand the saving of the notebook, and imagination promises to Wake up only when the time comes to feed. If this happens to you, get help from a culinary adviser. On the pages of this  you will find an abundance of recipes.

Discover salads and snacks in a hurry that will help to save time. Here are the best of their kinds, for every taste and every texture:

from plain vegetable to the coveted and exquisite,

from the lungs from a cumbersome diet to a food masterpiece.

Learn the secrets of turning the vegetables served to the table a little faded, artfully sliced into thin slices, seasoned with a tasteless oil and a bitter vinegar, refined food. Learn the basic rules of culinary art from simple Housewives and great culinary minds.

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Exotic island kitchen – Bali and the Maldives
Real foodies in search of new discoveries go to tropical Islands to form their own impression of the local cuisine and enjoy island exotic. National cuisine of the Maldives and…

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The most expensive dishes and treats in the world
  The information contained in this article was specially selected for the gourmet, the size of purses which exceeds the capacity of the pockets. But if You're like most people,…