Beer snacks
  Party for friends with lots of cold beer – this fellowship, fun and relaxation. Because of this, and snacks made with beer, should match the decor and to be…

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Quick And Delicious Recipes For Pregnant Women
Quick And Delicious Recipes For Pregnant Women We often do not have time to cook, and eat what you still want. And when we are waiting for the baby over…

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Petersburgers talked about the most exotic dishes


When I was with my exhibition in London, Indian restaurant, I was served something similar at our crunchies that I was a problem for him to work with a big appetite. It turned out that these were Indian fried cockroaches. At the time I lost my appetite.:

– Well, for example, crocodile soup, which we ate in Thailand on a crocodile farm. Soup as a soup similar to chicken, but it is very healing: after eating it, one of our comrade immediately recovered from a lingering bronchitis.

– In 99-m to year in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the estate our guests were served a dish from the menu Repin lunch 11 Aug. 1911 – turnips stewed in wine, and salad of dried herbs that recipes Repin wife, vegetarian Norman-Severova.
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Eat healthy in other countries

How to keep your stomach in an exotic country

Visiting one or another exotic country, our Russian enthusiastic tourist wants to receive not only visual, tactile and olfactory impressions of the new space and taste. Still! I want to try everything at once! How to resist, for example, the temptation to experience on its stomach “the Dragon Fight with a Tiger” in Chinese? The so-called roast snakes and cats. Special and unforgettable pleasure you can get, bite dumplings with octopus or stew of dog meat.

Here you can list lots of other exotic dishes that are ready round the clock to tempt the travelers with their variety of delicious flavors of meat, seafood or spices.

Almost every southern European country is very specific, replete with hot spices so much, that often lose the natural taste of food. Therefore, Russian tourists for food should be treated selectively and gluttonize very carefully. Well, if the holidays end belly harmless eating after a meal is absolutely impossible to force yourself to get up from the table. So “luck” may smile only people with exceptionally good health. Much more common are cases, when the holiday is overshadowed by the heavy consequences.

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Exotic dishes of Thailand

Exotic dishes of Thailand Extreme exotic dishes that are scared to try

Some people believe that exotic food should consist of tropical fruits, meat of animals that were not found in our country, or the inhabitants of the deep sea, such as squid or shrimp. But actually in the world there are dishes that are not just exotic and even extreme; the dishes taste really dare not everyone. And it’s not fried grasshoppers or frog legs…

The examples are not far to seek, because now almost each inhabitant of our country knows about the rampant fashion of traditional Japanese fish and rice – sushi. Seemingly, how can sushi be dangerous. But if it is made from fish meat of fugu, one of the most poisonous fish in the world – it will be dish, the eating of which can literally pay life.

Poison puffer fish paralyzes man, and he is slowly dying from suffocation while fully conscious. Because only the best of the best chefs in Japan, trust the honour to prepare sushi from fugu, but still about a hundred people a year die from poisoning contained in the fish, the tetrodotoxin, which is more than 1,000 times more deadly than cyanide. Serving sushi sashimi poisonous puffer fish costs about $ 300.

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Best Korean dishes
  Korean culture is unique in its approach to food. The food seems to extend to all aspects of life. If you watched Korean movies, you might have noticed that…

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The most delicious dishes of Malaysia
Gastronomic Penang: the most delicious dishes of Malaysia Penang – island-blender. He kneads a lot of different cultures and produces a completely natural fresh, which in any other part of…