The most expensive dishes of the world
The most expensive The most expensive brand in the world - Coca-Cola. Its cost is estimated at 68.9 billion dollars, representing almost 60 percent of the value of the whole…

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5 most exotic dishes of the world
Frogs, snails, Scorpions in chocolate, octopus and fried grasshoppers – what not to eat in the world! However, there are dishes that amaze even the most inveterate foodies, and to…

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Salads for the holiday

This page presents salad recipes for holidays and every day.

Salad is a versatile dish that is present on our table regardless of the season: in summer it is light salads of fresh vegetables and greens in the winter – nutritious and more dense, heat-treated or canned vegetables. But the salad is always tasty and healthy.

What is so good our holiday salads? First, because the salads collected in this section contain few calories. And, therefore, they occupy a Central place in any diet and holiday table will no longer be the killer of your figure. Secondly, we focus on fresh salads – very healthy and delicious, since it includes only fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, rich in vitamins and minerals. The ingredients in these salads are not subjected to heat treatment, and thus all nutrients are retained in full and is easily absorbed by the body.

Salad recipes are so varied that you can cook different healthy dishes. Salads for every day you can prepare based on their tastes and preferences, and to receive from them is a pleasure and a huge benefit.

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The most expensive dishes


For this omelette you will have to pay some miserable thousand dollars, and it is prepared from six eggs, a lobster and three hundred grams of sevruga caviar. It is included in the menu of the restaurant in a new York hotel Le Parker Meridien.

These mushrooms are called truffles, anahtar deep underground using a specially  trained pigs or dogs. Despite its small size, the cost of these gifts of nature are very impressive money. In particular, the king of gambling world scale Stanley Ho paid at auction for a mushroom like this about 330 thousand U.S. dollars. Moreover, he was so pleased with the purchase, that next year came to buy another mushroom for the same price.

Big money can always be thirst, to quench which will help you the most precious variety of tea in the world. It is called da Hong PAO that Chinese translates as “Big red robe”. Get this tea from bushes that grow only in one corner of the world, namely in the mountains near the monastery Tianjin in China. The rarity of this beverage in many ways is that often for produces Continue reading

Simple recipes of snacks

Meat salad with canned squid

What to do if rang , and friends announced the visit? Hospitable hostess hurriedly start to remember the simple and delicious recipes of salads and appetizers. They have to look perfect, to take an appetizing form to publish and unsurpassed flavor. But the memory is hopelessly silent, as luck would have it not at hand the saving of the notebook, and imagination promises to Wake up only when the time comes to feed. If this happens to you, get help from a culinary adviser. On the pages of this  you will find an abundance of recipes.

Discover salads and snacks in a hurry that will help to save time. Here are the best of their kinds, for every taste and every texture:

from plain vegetable to the coveted and exquisite,

from the lungs from a cumbersome diet to a food masterpiece.

Learn the secrets of turning the vegetables served to the table a little faded, artfully sliced into thin slices, seasoned with a tasteless oil and a bitter vinegar, refined food. Learn the basic rules of culinary art from simple Housewives and great culinary minds.

Step-by-step salad recipes with will show how to increase the amount of ingredients, giving the dishes an exotic touch, how to lay that it was impossible to control the appetite. A simple hand movement give the usual homemade salad outlandish smack that Continue reading

Quick and tasty snacks for the New year
Quick and tasty snacks for the New year, recipes Snacks are hot and cold. Hot snacks include pies, hot sandwiches, pies, shanezhki-tarts with various fillings: meat, fish, mushrooms, salted cheese,…

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The most delicious Italian dishes
The most delicious Italian dishes Italy gave the world many incredibly delicious and diverse dishes. Millions of people start their day with a Cup of espresso coffee, prepare a lunch…