Cooking meats
Cooking meats On average, for second dishes for a family of 5 — 6 people take 1 kg of meat (one portion is usually up to 200 g). Of course,…

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The most delicious Italian dishes
The most delicious Italian dishes Italy gave the world many incredibly delicious and diverse dishes. Millions of people start their day with a Cup of espresso coffee, prepare a lunch…

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Dishes of meat in the oven

Dishes of meat in the oven

If you love to cook meat and just meat balls and meat patties for you seem boring and unoriginal dishes, you can surprise your guests with homemade and delicious meat in the oven. With this method of cooking meat turns out juicy and soft, and the meat in the oven impregnated with aromas of herbs and spices and turn out culinary masterpieces.

Dishes made of chicken meat in the oven

If you adhere to the principles of diet and opt for your diet delicious diet chicken, in the oven it will turn out especially tender and tasty. Especially tasty dishes of meat in the oven, baked in a sleeve or foil.

2 wash the chicken Breasts, lard, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Foil to make a baking dish and place chicken. Pour the cream and cover with foil, cook in a preheated 160 ° oven for 35-40 minutes.

Half of a chicken wash, RUB with garlic, salt and herbs de Provence. Chicken to put in the sleeve for baking, pour a little water and put a Bay leaf. Bake the chicken in the sleeve in an oven preheated to 150 ° for about an hour, readiness check skewer. Before cutting the sleeve for roasting meat gently to make a hole that came out the hot air. To make the crust on the chicken using a grill.

The pork in the oven

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Exotic dishes of Thailand

Exotic dishes of Thailand Extreme exotic dishes that are scared to try

Some people believe that exotic food should consist of tropical fruits, meat of animals that were not found in our country, or the inhabitants of the deep sea, such as squid or shrimp. But actually in the world there are dishes that are not just exotic and even extreme; the dishes taste really dare not everyone. And it’s not fried grasshoppers or frog legs…

The examples are not far to seek, because now almost each inhabitant of our country knows about the rampant fashion of traditional Japanese fish and rice – sushi. Seemingly, how can sushi be dangerous. But if it is made from fish meat of fugu, one of the most poisonous fish in the world – it will be dish, the eating of which can literally pay life.

Poison puffer fish paralyzes man, and he is slowly dying from suffocation while fully conscious. Because only the best of the best chefs in Japan, trust the honour to prepare sushi from fugu, but still about a hundred people a year die from poisoning contained in the fish, the tetrodotoxin, which is more than 1,000 times more deadly than cyanide. Serving sushi sashimi poisonous puffer fish costs about $ 300.

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Homemade recipes

Today, the semi-finished and finished food occupy more and more space on our table, but homemade recipes, a familiar and beloved from childhood or recent, should not be ignored. What to cook, and to use the body and soul of joy? “Abaric” has collected a lot of recipes withand is willing to share their culinary skills with everyone who looks at our page.

Be open to experiment! Once the gluttony was considered a deadly sin, but today the medieval asceticism is no longer relevant. A new recipe of something tasty from native cuisine, European or, even more distant, exotic always come in handy and during the week, and on holidays.

Delicious and healthy recipes for every day

What made “Abaric” for active gourmets: original soups and garnishes, fish, meat and vegetable dishes, pastries and salads. You will be able to indulge yourself every day with a tasty Breakfast, lunch and dinner home cooking. In order to maintain health, vigor and beauty, a correct and varied diet is very important. For maintaining mood useful tasty recipes with our .

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