The most expensive cheese in the world
Cheese – loved by all gourmets who appreciate it for its rich taste, special aroma and unique combination with the best wine. In many countries cheese is a gourmet dessert…

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Recipe for homemade pizza
The most delicious homemade pizza. Italian meal All creative hi! Do you love pizza? I think most would answer "Yes." I also just adore her. But not all. About pizza…

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TOP 50 dishes of the world

First dish – Rendang, Indonesia. It’s beef cooked in milk with “lemon herb”, garlic, turmeric, ginger and chili pepper. Readers called this dish “the most exquisite”.

Second best also became an Indonesian dish – Nasi goreng, a mix of rice, eggs, chicken.

Japanese sushi on the third position, as noted by one Respondent “the delicacy can be simple”. In fourth place – Tom yam goong (Thailand), a dish composed of many ingredients: shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, “lemon grass”, lime, lots of spices, usually served with coconut milk.

The fifth was Pad thai, also Thai dish, with special sauce.

Sixth place, too, for Thai kitchen – Som tam or papaya salad, with spices, game meat.

Googsie dumplings Dim sum does not need any introduction, and they are loved by locals and tourists of all ages – in seventh place.

Japanese dish Ramen at the eighth position, a noodle soup with meat and spices.

Peking duck “Peking Duck” needs no introduction, but to enjoy her best in Beijing(approx.ed.while it still serves all the old traditions, which today, according to the environmentalists harm the environment).

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Ten most exotic sauces

As bland and uninteresting was our food without all sorts of sauces! But should not be limited to banal ketchup: let’s make the dishes taste more colours with the help of foreign curiosities. Here are just 10 of the spices that are definitely worth a try abroad and don’t forget to bring a few bottles home.



If you go to Thailand, make sure you buy the real fish sauce. This unimaginably foul-smelling amber liquid made from fermented (and simply put – stojsic) Anosov, salt and water is an essential component of Siamese cuisine. So, if you decide to cook at home something in Thai style, the fish sauce will be needed for Tom Yam soup, as a marinade for meat and seafood, and, mixing it with lime juice, you can prepare the dressing for salad of pomelo.

Fermented China

Chinese people love different “tainted”, in our opinion, products: made from rotten soy beans sauce, eat, actually, rotten eggs, and one of the most popular seasonings for food – paste made from fermented tofu, which usually add rice wine, salt and sesame oil. This is not particularly pleasant smelling mixture with rice or porridge for Breakfast.

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9 salads every day



3. Crispy salad with pineapple and chicken


300gr. chicken

200gr. canned pineapples

— salt, pepper, mayonnaise


Put to boil chicken (for flavor add the carrot, onion and Bay leaf. A broth we then used for soup).

Shinkuem cabbage.

Finely crumble green onions.

Cucumber cut into strips.

After our chicken opened, cut small cubes. And also boil the eggs and crumble them finely.

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