5 Salads of Squid
For cooking, you may need: squid 400 grams; 4 regular carrots; 1 packet spices (for Korean carrot); a bit of salt; 10 grams of sugar; 35 grams olive oil; 15…

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Top expensive dishes from around the world
The most expensive dishes of the world When tired of ordinary food, we want something special. What special can order people for whom there is no limit in financial terms?…

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The most delicious sandwiches

The most delicious sandwiches from around the world

What do you think the most popular dish in any country? This is of course roll with meat or other fillings. The Americans have Hot Dog, we have a sandwich with doctor’s sausage and butter :). But let’s look at delicious food from other countries. For example from Asia or Europe.

In this post presents the art of cookery in the pictures and description what made the sandwiches and any hostess or the owner will easily be able to partake of any delicacy in his kitchen

Chacarero (Chile)

Traditional Chilean sandwich of thinly sliced steak or pork on a round bun with tomato, green beans and chilli.

Cemita (Mexico)

There was this kind of sandwich in Puebla. It consists of avocado, meat, white cheese, onions and salsa Roja. It all fits on the bun is a brioche.

Chip Batty (UK)

The most delicious sandwiches from around the world.

Luko Barros (Chile)

Just beef and melted cheese on a bun. The sandwich is named after former President Ramon Barros Luko, who ever ordered them in the restaurant of the Chilean National Congress.

Chivito (Uruguay)

Chivito translates from Spanish as “little goat”, “goat”, but this sandwich is made from slices of beef with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise, olives or olives and often Continue reading

Recipe for homemade pizza

The most delicious homemade pizza. Italian meal

All creative hi! Do you love pizza? I think most would answer “Yes.” I also just adore her. But not all. About pizza that is sold in frozen form in supermarkets, I’m not even going to say, I never bought, but my sixth sense tells us that is not necessary. The pizzeria is prepared well, especially the dough, it is possible, especially when lazy to cook. However, I always have a little “confused” the amount of filling in the pastries.

Don’t know about You, but I like to have toppings on the test was with the “Russian scope”, i.e. the more the better. But so far none of the pizzerias in my town this product is not produces. So delicious pizza, I learned how to cook at home.

The recipe of pizza once prompted my godmother, one day she we were treated to this delicacy. Since then, homemade pizza oven has become my mom, and then myself. Today I will reveal you the secret how to prepare this wonderful dish. The recipe is from will make the process more understandable. Start!

We need:

— puff pastry yeast – 700.

— cooked sausage or ham – 500-700g.;

— marinated mushrooms – 1 Bank (approximately 600g.);

— cheese – 300g.;

— ketchup, mayonnaise or sauce.

A little explanation:

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Exotic dishes of Thailand

Exotic dishes of Thailand Extreme exotic dishes that are scared to try

Some people believe that exotic food should consist of tropical fruits, meat of animals that were not found in our country, or the inhabitants of the deep sea, such as squid or shrimp. But actually in the world there are dishes that are not just exotic and even extreme; the dishes taste really dare not everyone. And it’s not fried grasshoppers or frog legs…

The examples are not far to seek, because now almost each inhabitant of our country knows about the rampant fashion of traditional Japanese fish and rice – sushi. Seemingly, how can sushi be dangerous. But if it is made from fish meat of fugu, one of the most poisonous fish in the world – it will be dish, the eating of which can literally pay life.

Poison puffer fish paralyzes man, and he is slowly dying from suffocation while fully conscious. Because only the best of the best chefs in Japan, trust the honour to prepare sushi from fugu, but still about a hundred people a year die from poisoning contained in the fish, the tetrodotoxin, which is more than 1,000 times more deadly than cyanide. Serving sushi sashimi poisonous puffer fish costs about $ 300.

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