Dinner: quick, tasty, inexpensive
Hello everyone! I want to share my secrets of how to make always on the table was delicious and healthy dinner, but not boring store-bought dumplings or meatballs. I buy…

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Quick and tasty snacks for the New year
Quick and tasty snacks for the New year, recipes Snacks are hot and cold. Hot snacks include pies, hot sandwiches, pies, shanezhki-tarts with various fillings: meat, fish, mushrooms, salted cheese,…

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The most delicious Italian dishes

The most delicious Italian dishes

Italy gave the world many incredibly delicious and diverse dishes. Millions of people start their day with a Cup of espresso coffee, prepare a lunch of spaghetti, order pizza… For the Italians, food is a celebration of life, not the art of the chef. During the meal they can drive watch, enjoying every dish.

1. Bruschetta (Italian. bruschetta) – traditional Central Italian vernacular dish, in our time — appetizer-antipasto before the main course to “raise the appetite”. A distinctive feature of bruschetta from a sandwich or toast in the slices of bread pre-dried with before roasting (grill, griddle or in a pan without oil). Ideal for bruschetta perfect ciabatta.

2. Parmigiana chicken — baked chicken breast in tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese. The dish is popular in Campania and in Sicily.

3. Panini — Italian sandwich or a closed sandwich. Is made from white wheat bread, preferably a baguette, it is served hot. Classic toppings — mozzarella, ham, tomatoes and pesto sauce.

4. Panna cotta (Italian. Panna cotta — “Cooked cream”) is a North Italian dessert made of cream, sugar and vanilla.

5. Tramezzino is a triangular sandwich or sandwich. A popular filling is tuna, olives and prosciutto.

6. Tiramisu is one of the most popular desserts in the world. In the dessert composition comprises the following ingredients: mascarpone cheese, coffee (usually espresso), eggs, sugar and biscuits savoyardi.

7. Tortellini (ital. Tortellini) — Italian dumplings made of unleavened dough with meat, cheese or vegetables. The historical birthplace of tortellini is an Emilia

8. Lasagna (Italian. lasagne) — traditional Italian dish, especially of Bologna, made from layers of dough interspersed with layers of stuffing, covered with sauce (usually Bechamel). Layers of fillings can be of meat stew or ground beef, tomatoes, spinach, other vegetables and, of course, Parmesan cheese.

9. Spaghetti (ital. Spaghetti) — pasta dish. The birthplace of spaghetti is Italy, and they are widely used in Italian cuisine, often served with tomato sauce. Spaghetti is the basis of many Italian dishes. Spaghetti were born in Naples and owe their name to Antonio Viviani, called them so in 1842, the similarity with lengths of twine. The Museum demonstrates 176 spaghetti types of pasta. The Italian word “spaghetti” — it’s not all noodles and strictly defined type of Italian pasta.

10. And, of course, pizza — Italian national dish in the form of an open round cake, covered in the classic version tomatoes and melted cheese (usually mozzarella). In connection with the importation of tomatoes to Europe in 1522 in Naples appeared prototype of Italian pizza. In the XVII century there were special people (“pizzaiolo”, pizza maker) who prepared the pizza to the Italian peasants.