Dinner: quick, tasty, inexpensive
Hello everyone! I want to share my secrets of how to make always on the table was delicious and healthy dinner, but not boring store-bought dumplings or meatballs. I buy…

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The ideas are interesting meat dishes
Salads   Ingredients: 300 g chicken fillet 3 eggs 400 g of potatoes, 300 g carrots, 200 g pickled mushrooms leek or onion, salt, mayonnaise Salad "Caprese" the Aryans Ingredients:…

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Best Korean dishes


Korean culture is unique in its approach to food. The food seems to extend to all aspects of life. If you watched Korean movies, you might have noticed that at least in one scene someone is eating. Shot entire films based on Korean cuisine. For Koreans food is more that just saturation, it’s taste, medicine and a connection with history. Below I’ve listed ten dishes that, in my opinion, the most delicious, in addition, these dishes can please the Westerner, and Korean.

Stew with soft tofu

Sundubu jjigae is a Korean stew dish, thicker than soup but thinner than porridge. When it is cooked the traditional way in a clay pot, everything is done in one container. So then very simple to wash the dishes. It is based on a fish broth and a little beef. Then add fresh shellfish, hot peppers, tofu, and eggs on request. The chef can make a dish as spicy as he likes it, depends on the number of peppers. A small amount of beef is typical of Korean cuisine, and demonstrates how this is a good food – meat need for taste rather than to fill the stomach. This dish is worth a try, for example, in order to get acquainted with tofu, which in this case absorbs the full flavor of the stew and creates a nice texture. Add the rice and side dishes, you get a complete meal

Soup from bovine bones

Allenton incredibly popular in Korea – there are even restaurants serving only this soup. From all the points in this list Sollentuna – the longest in the preparation of the dish because you need to boil bovine bone (can also use ox tails) many hours to drain all of the calcium, giving the soup a recognizable white color. Despite the appearance, this delicious soup! After the bones are boiled, add a large piece of beef and, in the end, the chopped radishes. This is a great winter soup, but in summer it can also be eaten. In Korea it is sometimes eaten for Breakfast, not for lunch only because Koreans often eat soup for Breakfast, rice and garnish.

Dukbokki is a delicious fragrance that fills the evening streets of Korean cities. In the cities of Korea, Seoul, on the street many merchants who sell most popular street cuisine, made according to his own recipe. Dukbokki is one of the most popular of these dishes. The sauce is quite spicy, but sweet and very rich taste. Cylindrical rice cakes, when cooked, become soft.