The ideas are interesting meat dishes
Salads   Ingredients: 300 g chicken fillet 3 eggs 400 g of potatoes, 300 g carrots, 200 g pickled mushrooms leek or onion, salt, mayonnaise Salad "Caprese" the Aryans Ingredients:…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
The most expensive The most expensive brand in the world - Coca-Cola. Its cost is estimated at 68.9 billion dollars, representing almost 60 percent of the value of the whole…

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Top expensive dishes from around the world

The most expensive dishes of the world

When tired of ordinary food, we want something special. What special can order people for whom there is no limit in financial terms?

The world’s most expensive Burger for You are always welcome to cook at the American school Fleur, which is located in Las Vegas. The cost of such FleurBurger is 5 thousand dollars. What’s special about this Burger? It prepares a reputable chef Hubert Keller, the most famous city of gambling Las Vegas. The Burger is made of Kobe meat, expensive foie Gras, truffle sauce and beautiful buns. Interestingly, the dish is served together with a bottle of expensive wine, Château Pétrus and unique glass, which is later send to the customer home.

Sushi Del Oriente cost about 2 thousand dollars and are prepared in the Philippines in Manila. This is a unique dish not at all like the traditional Japanese rolls. Master Angelito Araneta Jr. is preparing a platter of nigiri sushi special recipe: rolls obvorachivany in the thin gold plate and decorated with precious African diamonds. Often such rolls are ordered young men to propose to their loved ones.

The most expensive pizza in the world costs about 8,7 thousand dollars. Prepares her Italian chefs, Renato viola, and this dish is called Louis XIII . The composition of the pizza is very different from the usual city options. The chef prepares her shrimp, lobster, lobster, three kinds of caviar and exclusive the Buffalo mozzarella cheese. The name of the pizza is borrowed from my petrol station — the exquisite cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII. Since the cost of a pizza is above 8 thousand dollars, here even add pink salt (Murray river). This gourmet pizza is not suitable for those who like to eat dense, because its size is only 20 cm in diameter.

Sweets world-famous French chef Pierre Herme are sold in the most expensive cooking stores. They are not considered cheap, but there is one product per pound in the shops will ask about 6 thousand dollars, is the Macaroons Haute Couture – sophisticated sweetness from the Frenchman. The dough for the pasta is prepared on the basis of egg protein, and after that, where will bring the imagination of the cook-the professional: from caramel to champagne.

The most expensive curry is cooked in a London restaurant, Bombay Brasserie. The name of this exclusive Samundari Khazana curry . and the price for a plate of 2.5 thousand dollars. The main ingredients of the dishes are rare products of the sea: Scottish lobster, Devon crab, snails and abalone. Besides seafood, the chef uses truffles and Beluga caviar.

On the Paradise island of Sri Lanka prepared a beautiful and very expensive dessert at The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence . Its price of 14.5 thousand dollars. This sweetness is prepared in the restaurant of The Fortress. Among the ingredients there are unique dishes: cassata from Italy (sponge cakes), Irish liqueur, mango, pomegranate, and egg cream with the addition of expensive champagne Dom Perignon. All this yummy little chocolate decorated with handmade fisherman. Another unique decoration of this expensive dessert is the exclusive aquamarine weighing 80 carats.

Marbled meat is one of the most valuable types of beef. Exactly Wagyu beef is the main ingredient serves Wagyu Meat Pie . This pie is 8.5 thousand dollars and is prepared in the restaurant Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire. Besides the Wagyu beef, the chef uses to cook the truffle and matsutake mushrooms. Marinade for meat make wine Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

Meat rolls with filling
  The new Year is around the corner and many are already in the thoughts begin to lay the new year table, selecting all the most delicious and exquisite, regardless…

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Homemade recipes
Today, the semi-finished and finished food occupy more and more space on our table, but homemade recipes, a familiar and beloved from childhood or recent, should not be ignored. What…