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The most extravagant meals of the world

The most extravagant meals of the world

1. Caviar from Daniel Boulud – new York

Want to taste champagne and caviar before dinner?

50 grams brand “Golden calf” of the Caspian sturgeon in the restaurant of renowned French chef Daniel Boulud Daniel worth 860 dollars.

2. The French Laundry – Antill, California

Every day the chef of the restaurant, The French Laundry Thomas Keller creates two menus of nine-course – menu chef and “vegetable” menu, and it ensures that no two dishes are the same ingredients.

The price is 240 dollars, reports Reuters.

3. “Sultan’s Golden cake” – Istanbul

The hotel Ciragan Palace Kempinski has a “Golden cake” from French flour with fruit, marinovaniya for years in Jamaican rum, vanilla beans from French Polynesia.

Completes this work of culinary art, the coating of edible gold in 24 carats. “Sultan’s Golden cake” is worth 1 thousand dollars.

4. White truffle – Singapore

French restaurant Les Amis in Singapore offers a special menu, with all meals which includes white truffle. The price ranges from $ 800 per person.

5. “Fleurburger” – Las Vegas

The composition of this Burger, created by chef of the restaurant Fleur de Lys by Hubert Keller, is part of the Japanese marbled beef, truffle and foie Gras.

Is “fleurburger” 5 thousand dollars, but this amount is already included bottle of Chateau Petrus 1995 from the French province of Bordeaux.

6. “Bellissima pizza” new York

The sauce and crust of this pizza is absolutely normal. But it costs 1 thousand dollars – and all thanks to the filling.

The restaurant Nino’s pizza is stuffed with caviar and fresh American lobster (Homarus americanus) and a small amount of salmon ROE and wasabi.

7. Dinner in the sky

“People are tired of ordinary restaurants,” says David Geisels, the Belgian entrepreneur who created a mobile restaurant suspended from a crane.

If you have the money, Geisels will gladly come to you with their portable restaurant wherever you go.

8. Picnic on the island of Mustique

Fried chicken, salad with avocado and mango, couscous with vegetables and rum punch – the recipe for an ordinary picnic. Of course, if it’s not a picnic on the private island of Mustique with access only by removing one of the villas located on it.

9. Buffet chef at L Espadon – Paris

L Espadon, you can order dishes such as roasted Prime rib dairy calf or beef brisket with foie Gras and mashed potatoes with truffle and cocoa.

Moreover, chef Michel Roth invites visitors to dine at his Desk.

10. Private dinner from chef Louis poix

For those who do not want to travel and to fly to the island little palm in the U.S. state of Florida, local chef Louis makes the PCA special offer: for 10 thousand dollars and additional costs to the road he will come to anywhere in the United States and will prepare a private lunch.

11. Lunch at Three on the Bund – Shanghai

In a small room on the top floor of the Shanghai shopping center, Three on the Bund can accommodate only two guests and the waiter.

You can order anything from any restaurant, located in the building, and enjoy the magnificent views of Shanghai, eating meals.

The most extravagant meals of the world
The most extravagant meals of the world 1. Caviar from Daniel Boulud - new York Want to taste champagne and caviar before dinner? 50 grams brand "Golden calf" of the…

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