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Lao soup-salad


When I tasted this soup in Laos. I was outraged – ” this is not the soup for you. “Judge for yourself – in hot water with the noodles just thrown in a bunch of fresh vegetables, sautéed onions and boiled chicken! But a minute later, my soup when a stereotype is broken, I appreciated the beauty of this dish – warm, vitamin, tropical climate for a hearty, delicious soup!


rice noodles

Chinese cabbage



fresh cilantro

green onions


onion for frying

black pepper and salt to taste

Twice I tried to make this soup with whole wheat spaghetti is frankly wrong. Fortunately, in the supermarkets today you can easily find rice noodles – I took over 54 rubles per pack.

Fry chicken and onion for Lao soup

Cut the fillet small cubes, sprinkle with salt and podvalivaet-fry in a pan until cooked. Take out the fillets and put in the same pan, finely chopped onion – passeruem its size until the brown color. Pour prepared onions to the chicken. We preform this came out – is put aside. This quantity for more servings, and it can gradually rochadiat.

Prepare fresh vegetables for Lao soup

Wash and chop the vegetables and herbs. Chinese cabbage and lettuce must be chopped quite coarsely.

Noodles and broth from our soup

Cook the noodles (prepared the same way as normal wheat pasta – see instructions on the pack or go it on a whim). Because the soup is the salad should be fresh, cook the noodles only once (in my case for two persons). Fat will be used for soup, therefore, we have to calculate the amount of water for boiling noodles. For two servings I poured three deep saucer of water – it’s better to remain fat than not enough, and some water will evaporate. Don’t forget to properly salt.

So, after 10-15 minutes I had a whitish broth and rice noodles in it.

Mix all

Now spread on plates of vegetables and greens, throw some (to taste) of chicken pieces with the onion and pour it all hot lashovim broth, pours slightly-a little black pepper + the noodles. Ready!

The taste of it.

To taste the result of this is thick soup with broth taste, light taste of onion frying and floating flavors of herbs and vegetables. In my opinion very tasty!

The soup is very light, but, as befits soups, hot and bulky, that is, great for those who want to lose weight and not feel hunger. Not want to lose weight – this case a bit of tea with sugar and booolshaya piece of khachapuri. Bon appetit and see you soon!

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