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Dinner: quick, tasty, inexpensive

Hello everyone! I want to share my secrets of how to make always on the table was delicious and healthy dinner, but not boring store-bought dumplings or meatballs.

I buy whole chicken, thawed and cut it into pieces. Each piece put in a separate bag. Similarly, the act with fish and meat. Now to cook dinner, you need in the morning to get a piece for the evening, he thawed out. Really convenient?!

For example, today we will have a chicken pilau . Piece of chicken (preferably breast) cut into pieces – fried in a skillet on all sides, salt, rod. While my meat is roasted and RUB carrots, add it to the meat. Add to sauté the tomato paste and pour water. While water boils, wash the rice and pour it into the boiling broth. Reduce the flame and close the lid. While pilaf stewed, peel garlic. When the rice takes all the water – stick the cloves of garlic in pilaf. And leave for a further 2-3 minutes under the lid. The whole process of cooking takes about 25 minutes. Quick, tasty and inexpensive dinner!

Another quick dinner: pasta with meat and tomatoes . Previously removed a piece of meat to unfroze. In the evening, fry the minced meat in skillet, while boiling macaroni. In forcemeat add salt, pepper, diced tomatoes. If it’s winter – tomatoes replaced tomato paste. Add a few forelocks of finely chopped garlic and cooked pasta. Mix. The result is a tasty dinner quickly and easily – and the whole family loved it. With pasta you can experiment: add instead of or together with the minced canned beans, mushrooms, peppers. Another quick recipe: boil the pasta, fry in a frying pan, add frozen vegetables and pour the egg mixed with spices. Gives a very quick and tasty dinner !

Another option is a quick and inexpensive dinner: fish in cheese . For the recipe we will need a large firm fish, such as salmon. Also pre-defrost the fish, fry on both sides, salt and rod. Note that it is better to salt after you fry fish, poultry or meat so the pieces are more juicy and tasty. Sprinkle the fish with spices on each piece put a slice of lemon or tomatoes and a piece of cheese. Cover with a lid and leave to languish on low heat. While fish is prepared – boiled green beans or Brussels sprouts. Cooking dinner takes 25 minutes! And it looks delicious!

As we can see, quick, tasty and inexpensive dinner is not a figment of our imaginations, and it is the real thing!

But let’s say you want to do a fasting day and cook a vegetarian dinner. To do this, select the products that substitute meat. Let it be the mushrooms. Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms – sounds great! Boil the buckwheat in salted water, meanwhile fry the mushrooms with onions. When the buckwheat is ready, just mix it with the contents of the frying pan and our quick and healthy dinner ready. In just 20 minutes!

Another option quick low-calorie dinner: lazy dumplings . Everyone knows that cottage cheese is very useful for our bones, teeth and hair. Today we will make of it a very tasty dish. Take a pack of cheese, put in bowl, add egg, a spoonful of sugar and three tablespoons flour. Thoroughly kneaded and rolled sausage (not sticking to your hands sprinkle with flour). At this time, the fire is a pot of slightly salted water. Sausage cut into pieces, rolled into balls and throw into boiling water. Cook 5 minutes after surfacing. Submit dumplings with butter, sour cream or yogurt – as you like. 15 minutes and dinner is ready!

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