Appetizer "Mushrooms"
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The most delicious dishes of the world
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Exotic dishes of Egypt

Exotic dishes of Egypt

Egyptian food is widely presented vegetarian dishes made from rice, beans and potatoes. Very tasty Egyptian rice, which is cooked with rice, onions, chicken liver, ham and mushrooms. Especially popular are the fruit and vegetable salads. Some salads will amaze you for its originality, for example, a salad that includes orange and olives with pepper.

Purely national dish is very useful, in the opinion of the Arabs, ful is cooked in a sour sauce with beans melkorublenym vegetables, spices and herbs. And vegetarian patties made with legumes, are called filefile.

Meat dishes are mainly prepared from chicken and beef. Popular kofte is cooked on skewers of minced cutlets, resembling that known to us dish the kebab.

But the usual for us, the Shawarma is very different from the original Egyptian dishes under this name, to understand what is the difference, you just need to try. Another common dish is the kebab is grilled marinated meat, taste like our barbecue.

Truly exotic Egyptian dish is fish cooked in almond sauce, a must try. Also, the gourmet of Oriental cuisine have to like lamb with prunes and roasted pigeons stuffed millet groats. Camel liver you will most likely never try, so take advantage of their stay in Egypt and enjoy this exotic dish.

The most common drink is hibiscus, which is well quenches thirst. You’ll see when you’re walking round the Mall. In any store, where would you not stay long, choosing the product you will offer to sit down and have a refreshing drink.

Mostly drink it cold, but you can also order it hot. Unlike habitual to us hibiscus, dry hibiscus Egyptian has a very attractive appearance since it is made of large flowers of the hibiscus, which even dried different kind of beauty.

If you have booked All-inclusive, then you have a great opportunity to taste many Egyptian dishes. Breakfast buffet in the restaurant of a five star hotel will be generous, as in Oriental dishes and continental dishes with the addition of Arabic exoticism. In the evening, in addition to common meat dishes can be served a whole lamb.

The most delicious dishes of Egypt

On the street right in front of you prepare on the grill rib of a sheep or chicken kebab. Widely presented fish dishes – fried and stuffed mackerel and small flounder, mackerel, mullet. A nice impression on you perch-a measure of about a metre, which you’ll be treated to the cook.

Seafood lovers will also be, something to pamper yourself – squid, octopus, shrimp, cooked or as a separate dish or as a component of salads.

The cuisine of Egypt is famous for a variety of pastries and sweets. You can see how the Arabs-ovens bake cakes. Very tasty flatbreads with pistachios. The sweet tooth will like baklava, malabarica, a variety of loukoumia, halva from sesame seeds and pistachios, candied nuts and dried fruits.

On the table you will also find scrambled eggs cooked with meat and tomatoes (shakshuk), soup-mashed potatoes from a variety of vegetables, chicken, spices and garlic (molokheya), pasta with added onion and lentil (kusari), liver, cooked with rice, or wrapped in a tortilla (kinda) and a variety of dishes that are simply impossible to enumerate. In short – will not be hungry, that’s for sure!

Exotic food and drink is famous not only for Egypt. To try a variety of traditional sweets You can during your tours to Maldives or stay in Indonesia.