Named the most - delicious - city of the world
  Named ten cities, which are recognized by tourists the most "delicious". Traveling to different countries and cities, you'll want to get acquainted with the local cuisine and try something…

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Meat rolls with filling
  The new Year is around the corner and many are already in the thoughts begin to lay the new year table, selecting all the most delicious and exquisite, regardless…

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Homemade recipes

Today, the semi-finished and finished food occupy more and more space on our table, but homemade recipes, a familiar and beloved from childhood or recent, should not be ignored. What to cook, and to use the body and soul of joy? “Abaric” has collected a lot of recipes withand is willing to share their culinary skills with everyone who looks at our page.

Be open to experiment! Once the gluttony was considered a deadly sin, but today the medieval asceticism is no longer relevant. A new recipe of something tasty from native cuisine, European or, even more distant, exotic always come in handy and during the week, and on holidays.

Delicious and healthy recipes for every day

What made “Abaric” for active gourmets: original soups and garnishes, fish, meat and vegetable dishes, pastries and salads. You will be able to indulge yourself every day with a tasty Breakfast, lunch and dinner home cooking. In order to maintain health, vigor and beauty, a correct and varied diet is very important. For maintaining mood useful tasty recipes with our .

Festive table – it is also important. “Obierika” easy to learn how to cook at home romantic dinner for two or to make the menu for the anniversary dinner, to make an impressive dinner party or arrange sweet table for child birth. And traditional dishes enough, and rarity, are only in the restaurant try. How not to lose face in the dirt on the culinary front, so you can have no worse than a chef? Very simple. Step by step recipes with  – the surest means not to fail, and to make the dish worthy they will help.

For those wishing to cook at home there exists a virtual master chef . The exact set of products, the dosage, the name. Thoroughness in the art of cooking – the key to success. And a little inspiration can’t hurt. The recipes are not simple but tasty, a novice cook may only perform based on these qualities. A deserved award for culinary masterpieces will keep you waiting: gratitude for the care loved ones or admiring sighs of friends at the party – what could be nicer?

In addition, with the “Obierika” you can travel without leaving your home. France and Greece, Norway and Finland, Georgia, China, Italy and Austria, and their native Slavic recipes were not forgotten. So, in a way the way of cooking! Bon appetit!