The most delicious and healthy dish
  Cook at home together with Tefal is announcing the launch of the competition "The most delicious and healthy dish". Worldwide healthy lifestyle has long become a conscious choice of…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
The most expensive The most expensive brand in the world - Coca-Cola. Its cost is estimated at 68.9 billion dollars, representing almost 60 percent of the value of the whole…

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Ten most exotic sauces

As bland and uninteresting was our food without all sorts of sauces! But should not be limited to banal ketchup: let’s make the dishes taste more colours with the help of foreign curiosities. Here are just 10 of the spices that are definitely worth a try abroad and don’t forget to bring a few bottles home.



If you go to Thailand, make sure you buy the real fish sauce. This unimaginably foul-smelling amber liquid made from fermented (and simply put – stojsic) Anosov, salt and water is an essential component of Siamese cuisine. So, if you decide to cook at home something in Thai style, the fish sauce will be needed for Tom Yam soup, as a marinade for meat and seafood, and, mixing it with lime juice, you can prepare the dressing for salad of pomelo.

Fermented China

Chinese people love different “tainted”, in our opinion, products: made from rotten soy beans sauce, eat, actually, rotten eggs, and one of the most popular seasonings for food – paste made from fermented tofu, which usually add rice wine, salt and sesame oil. This is not particularly pleasant smelling mixture with rice or porridge for Breakfast.

Banana Philippines

This sauce has appeared in the Philippines as a replacement for the popular ketchup during the Second world war, when the tomatoes were hard, and the bananas had been grown a lot. So I decided the chefs to indulge in banana puree, adding vinegar and spices. The taste new seasoning turned out a little sweeter than tomato sauce, but it didn’t prevent using it and with meat and with fish, and with pasta, and even burgers and fries, but the main thing – to add to a favorite national dish – spring rolls stuffed with pork.

Sauce Belize

One of the main Souvenirs from Belize – Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce is a special spicy sauce from pepper cultivar habanero invented by the local hostess of citrus Mary Sharpe. At the end of the last century was born too many Dicks, to put them had nowhere to go, and the enterprising lady decided to revise the habanero in the sauce, constantly experimenting with recipes and adding to the searing heat of the pasta onions, garlic and even carrots until you have created a superb recipe.


9 salads every day
  1. THE SALAD IS DELICIOUS WITH CRACKERS 3. Crispy salad with pineapple and chicken Ingredients: 300gr. chicken 200gr. canned pineapples — salt, pepper, mayonnaise Preparation: Put to boil chicken…

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Salads for the holiday
This page presents salad recipes for holidays and every day. Salad is a versatile dish that is present on our table regardless of the season: in summer it is light…