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The most delicious dishes of the world


In almost every country of the world there are certain culinary preferences, which often shocked foreigners. Viper stuffed, grilled crocodile, “mud” cakes, soup of jellyfish– these and other very real delights can offer in the restaurant, some exotic Asian country.

The article “the most shocking dishes” is not recommended to read while eating.

Sea snakes

In some countries happily eat poisonous sea snakes. For example, in Japan and China they are stuffed like sausage.

Fried Scorpions

The Cambodians are not averse to eat fried Scorpions, for them arthropods is an excellent source of protein. Before serving deadly food, they claystone fried in boiling oil – it completely kills the poison.

Dishes from jellyfish

It turns out, a jelly-like transparent jellyfish, the appearance of which can permanently discourage the appetite, also suitable for food. They contain easily digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids and beneficial to human body micro and macro elements. However, for culinary delights perfect, not every jellyfish. To prepare fresh select only big jellyfish, reminiscent of mushrooms. The most valuable part is under the hat of “head”, which, according to connoisseurs of this delicacy, makes cracking sounds on the teeth.

Eye tuna

It is a miracle of culinary art can be enjoyed only in Japan. Some gourmets prefer to eat the dish raw. Others recommend treating the eyes with steam or saute in a skillet with garlic, seasoning soy sauce.

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Bull testicles

Bull’s balls are a common food in southern China. This nutritional product is a source of easily digestible protein. Conventional medicine has already established that their use gives energy and strength, has beneficial effects on the activity of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and is useful for men.

Wine from mice

The drink is prepared as follows: fill a three-day young mice bottle of rice wine and leave it for a year, to unite the flavors. In some parts of Korea such wine is considered a real cure. It tastes like kerosene.

Rotten shark meat

Hakarl is a meat giant Greenland shark, rotten to the last cell. The dish reminds diced cheese, but has a very unpleasant smell.

Fried Guinea pig

An integral part of the diet of the inhabitants of Bolivia and Peru, Ecuador and Colombia are considered Guinea pigs. They are more cost-effective compared with conventional – take up less space, faster breed and require less power. Guinea pig meat is low in cholesterol and fat, rich in protein, and tastes like rabbit.

Mud cakes

Some people love snakes, jellyfish and spiders and others eat seemingly inedible things entirely – clay and earth. In Africa, extraction of solid edible clay is first ground into a powder, and then mixed with flour and water and the resulting mixture is baked “mud” cakes. This treat the natives love to eat.

The Masai tribe has gone even further – a real delicacy for them is the… elephant dung, or rather stuck in it undigested plant seeds.


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