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The most expensive dishes of the world
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The most delicious dishes of Malaysia

Gastronomic Penang: the most delicious dishes of Malaysia

Penang – island-blender. He kneads a lot of different cultures and produces a completely natural fresh, which in any other part of the world does not exist. The combination of cultures, religions, philosophies, people, horses – all this creates a completely unique kitchen. Strolling through the streets of Georgetown, the smell is difficult to immediately determine the source material of speeding fragrances.

China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and even the United Kingdom have left their gastronomic mark on Penang. And there was a variety of dishes – hybrids from different culinary cultures. No wonder in 2004, time magazine noted the street food in Penang as the best in Asia. And in 2014 everyone’s favorite world travelers guide Lonely Planet has put Penang at the head of the top destinations for culinary tourism.

So, what you should definitely try traveling to Penang:

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Asam Laksa — spicy soup curry with noodles and fish. In 2011, CNN recognized and set it on the seventh place among the most fifty delicious food in the world. Penang in the soup add tamarind. Thanks to this additive, the dish acquires a sour taste.

Nasi Lemak – Malaysian national dish. Rice cooked in coconut milk with spices. Served on a banana leaf with different appetizers, including fried peanuts.

Char Kway Teow is a dish of fried rice noodles with soy sauce, chili, shrimp, clams, sausage, bean sprouts and Chinese chives. A popular dish in Malaysia. However, it is not the most healthy food because of fat content. Initially, the dish became popular among workers and the poor population of the country.

Roti canai – flat bread cooked in oil, often wrapped in rolls with various fillings on a selection or “empty”. The most delicious is the addition of cheese and for the sweet tooth there are options with chocolate and jams.

Martabak — pot pie of thin dough. The filling usually gets minced lamb, egg, garlic, onion. Served with curry suswam, in which all this beauty Makeda. And is eaten with your hands. Matrabak is considered the birthplace of distant Yemen.

And unique dessert Cendol — coconut milk, rice noodles, painted in green color, and palm sugar. Often served with beans. Is only used in cold.

And much and much more. Something new to try in Penang every day and it is unlikely to get bored, as long as the time for the attractions remained.

In addition to various national dishes at the Penang many European cafes, Burger and coffee houses. This is not a place where you can stay hungry.

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