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Best Korean dishes
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Exotic dishes of Thailand

Exotic dishes of Thailand Extreme exotic dishes that are scared to try

Some people believe that exotic food should consist of tropical fruits, meat of animals that were not found in our country, or the inhabitants of the deep sea, such as squid or shrimp. But actually in the world there are dishes that are not just exotic and even extreme; the dishes taste really dare not everyone. And it’s not fried grasshoppers or frog legs…

The examples are not far to seek, because now almost each inhabitant of our country knows about the rampant fashion of traditional Japanese fish and rice – sushi. Seemingly, how can sushi be dangerous. But if it is made from fish meat of fugu, one of the most poisonous fish in the world – it will be dish, the eating of which can literally pay life.

Poison puffer fish paralyzes man, and he is slowly dying from suffocation while fully conscious. Because only the best of the best chefs in Japan, trust the honour to prepare sushi from fugu, but still about a hundred people a year die from poisoning contained in the fish, the tetrodotoxin, which is more than 1,000 times more deadly than cyanide. Serving sushi sashimi poisonous puffer fish costs about $ 300.

In Tokyo you can try another exotic variety of sushi, for cooking which uses live shrimp. “Live” means “live in the moment when they eat”. Sushi called “odori ebi” (“dancing shrimp”) consists of a special species of shrimp that is aged in sake, and before eating pour a special sauce.

Another exotic dish is originally comes from a close neighbor of Japan – China and is called “century-old eggs”. The name is somewhat exaggerates the quality of these eggs, though, and hints at the method of their preparation. A century egg is made with fresh raw eggs, preferably duck or quail. Eggs smear themselves with a mixture of clay, salt, lemon juice, tea leaves and other herbs, and then a few months stored in buried baskets.

As a result of this preparation shell eggs, covered with clay, hardens inside the protein turns into amber jelly and the yolk – cream mixture with a delicate taste. In short look at century-old egg is much more exotic than they taste.

However, a century egg is a popular Chinese delicacy, which are used as side dishes and even served with the legendary shark fin soup.

We recommend: Cooking rolls at home

2.Rice vinegar;

3.Soy sauce;

4.Salmon fillet;

5.Pickled ginger;



8.The sheets of seaweed for sushi nori;

9.The bamboo Mat.

Of course, the most is rice, the quality of cooking depends on the entire taste of the dish. As rice it is advisable to choose a cultivar with rounded edges. Next, thoroughly rinse the rice with cold water. Flush should be as long as the water does not become transparent. The presence of starch is highly undesirable. Next you have to boil the rice. After boiling, you must soak the rice for another 15 minutes.

The bamboo Mat is laid on a flat surface, after which it is placed a sheet of nori, glossy side down. Next, the rice is scattered in a thin layer on a sheet of seaweed. As a filling you can use absolutely any vegetables, cream cheese, fish fillets. After putting all the ingredients need to roll up the roll using the Mat. After we got a flat sausage should be cut into uniform pieces 4-5 cm long, Served with wasabi sauce, soy sauce.