Beer snacks
  Party for friends with lots of cold beer – this fellowship, fun and relaxation. Because of this, and snacks made with beer, should match the decor and to be…

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The most expensive dishes and treats in the world
  The information contained in this article was specially selected for the gourmet, the size of purses which exceeds the capacity of the pockets. But if You're like most people,…

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Simple recipes of snacks

Meat salad with canned squid

What to do if rang , and friends announced the visit? Hospitable hostess hurriedly start to remember the simple and delicious recipes of salads and appetizers. They have to look perfect, to take an appetizing form to publish and unsurpassed flavor. But the memory is hopelessly silent, as luck would have it not at hand the saving of the notebook, and imagination promises to Wake up only when the time comes to feed. If this happens to you, get help from a culinary adviser. On the pages of this  you will find an abundance of recipes.

Discover salads and snacks in a hurry that will help to save time. Here are the best of their kinds, for every taste and every texture:

from plain vegetable to the coveted and exquisite,

from the lungs from a cumbersome diet to a food masterpiece.

Learn the secrets of turning the vegetables served to the table a little faded, artfully sliced into thin slices, seasoned with a tasteless oil and a bitter vinegar, refined food. Learn the basic rules of culinary art from simple Housewives and great culinary minds.

Step-by-step salad recipes with will show how to increase the amount of ingredients, giving the dishes an exotic touch, how to lay that it was impossible to control the appetite. A simple hand movement give the usual homemade salad outlandish smack that will attract with their uniqueness.

Look at the old new look. Not stopping cast fantasy, experiment with new combinations of ingredients, dressings, toppings and enjoy extraordinary recipes, holiday appetizers and salads.

On the pages of but, how to choose the order of filing. Snacks should play up the appetite, simple salads to quench it a little. And then there are the salads, which have long been firmly established themselves as a separate finished dish, where?!

Pick recipes according to the preferences of the household and guests on the age category. Salads or snacks for a child’s birthday will be different from peers, presents at a party for adults.

Meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, cheese and nuts — a variety of products that can be easily made in simple and delicious recipes of salads and appetizers, used for festive or everyday meal. There is a will, and the recipes already have!

Dishes of meat in the oven
Dishes of meat in the oven If you love to cook meat and just meat balls and meat patties for you seem boring and unoriginal dishes, you can surprise your…

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Recipe for homemade pizza
The most delicious homemade pizza. Italian meal All creative hi! Do you love pizza? I think most would answer "Yes." I also just adore her. But not all. About pizza…