The most delicious dishes of the world
  In almost every country of the world there are certain culinary preferences, which often shocked foreigners. Viper stuffed, grilled crocodile, "mud" cakes, soup of jellyfish– these and other very…

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Ten most exotic sauces
As bland and uninteresting was our food without all sorts of sauces! But should not be limited to banal ketchup: let's make the dishes taste more colours with the help…

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Named the most – delicious – city of the world


Named ten cities, which are recognized by tourists the most “delicious”.

Traveling to different countries and cities, you’ll want to get acquainted with the local cuisine and try something new. Of course, in each of them you will find something attractive for themselves in terms of cooking. But there are ten cities which are recognized by tourists the most “delicious”.

1. New York has long been mixed up a variety of culinary cultures. The city has about 10,000 places to eat out. And each of them are offering their “signature dish”. Try at least some of them, you will forever love this city and maybe even want to live here.

2. Lyon is a city of the finest French wines and culinary dishes. The cooking here is elevated to the rank of art. In Lyon you can always try something new and enjoy a taste hitherto unknown.

3. Tokyo — a Paradise for lovers of exotic cuisine and fish dishes. Daily is sold five million pounds of fish. Most of it is used for sushi.

4. Barcelona will surprise you with dishes of Catalan cuisine. Here are Boqueria and “Santa Caterina”. This large food the market has been recognized as the best in the world.

5. San Sebastian is a city where cooking is taken very seriously. Since morning it is better to visit the local food market La Brecha and in the evening to dine in the cozy restaurant, tasting local wines.

6. Cuisine Paris is the same elegant as the city itself. Traveling to the French capital, you must try the frog legs, onion soup and don’t forget to visit the local pastry shops.

7. Restaurant business London is one of the most developed and prosperous in the world. Living and working here such “culinary guru” as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

8. Copenhagen is a very famous restaurant Noma. He is in the top ten of the world’s best institutions of its kind. But even in the smallest café here you can enjoy delicious and tasty dishes.

9. Kitchen Bangkok surprises tourists by surprise and the variety of flavors. In one dish here can be combined sour, sweet, salty and spicy taste. You will lose much if staying here, do not decide to try something from local cuisine.

10. São Paulo has long been known for worldwide for its spicy dishes of national cuisine. But as a result of mass migrations, the beginning of which occurred in the year 1800, there occurred a complete blending of culinary styles. Therefore, the city will surprise you by the variety of elegant dishes with an unforgettable taste.

Exotic dishes of Egypt
Exotic dishes of Egypt Egyptian food is widely presented vegetarian dishes made from rice, beans and potatoes. Very tasty Egyptian rice, which is cooked with rice, onions, chicken liver, ham…

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Exotic island kitchen – Bali and the Maldives
Real foodies in search of new discoveries go to tropical Islands to form their own impression of the local cuisine and enjoy island exotic. National cuisine of the Maldives and…