Best Korean dishes
  Korean culture is unique in its approach to food. The food seems to extend to all aspects of life. If you watched Korean movies, you might have noticed that…

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The most extravagant meals of the world
The most extravagant meals of the world 1. Caviar from Daniel Boulud - new York Want to taste champagne and caviar before dinner? 50 grams brand "Golden calf" of the…

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The most expensive cheese in the world

Cheese – loved by all gourmets who appreciate it for its rich taste, special aroma and unique combination with the best wine. In many countries cheese is a gourmet dessert that is served at the end of the meal and washed down with excellent wine collection.

However, there are varieties of cheese that can be called a real delicacy, sold at exorbitant prices.

Some cheeses are true delicacies

Cheese record

The most expensive cheese in the world is a product made from sheep’s milk in the cheese-making known Jesus Analy Juaristi. A 500 gram head of this cheese was sold at auction in the North of Spain for 6.3 million euros.

If we consider that such cheeses are 50 to 80 euros per kilo, this record can be considered very significant. The most expensive cheese in the world was bought by the owner of Spanish restaurants, who hoped to make their school excellent advertising.

Cheese made from moose milk

Incredibly expensive cheese prepared at the farm House Moose in Sweden. For its production must be moose milk, milk which can only at certain times of the year, but by the time this process takes at least 3 hours.

The cost of this cheese is 1 thousand Euro for 1 kilogram, and it is made in very limited quantities.

Healing cheese

In the Serbian reserve Zasavica create a unique cheese called Pule. For its production use donkey milk and donkey milk old Balkan breed. In addition, to create a cheese Pule use other natural ingredients.

It is believed that this cheese is very good for health, because donkey milk has long been used for medicinal purposes. The price of cheese Pule is 1 thousand Euro for 1 kilogram.

In the Serbian reserve Zasavica create a unique cheese called Pule

Golden cheese

It would seem that gourmet is hard to impress, but the British producers of cheese managed it. They offered to try special cheese, decorated with flakes of 24-carat gold.

A unique cheese named Clawson Stilton Gold. It is based on high-quality varieties of cheese Stilton, created by adding edible gold leaf and gold liqueur.

The company Long Clawson Dairy, which produces cheese is Golden, is located in Leicestershire in the UK. The representatives of this company stated that this elite product have seen an increased interest.

The Clawson Stilton Gold cheese is already booked for Christmas dinner with some pop stars and even a Sheikh from the rich countries of the Persian Gulf. Apparently, they are not afraid of price for this grade of cheese, which is $1 thousand for 1 kilo.

Appetite, like Carlson
Appetite, like Carlson The cuisine of Northern people is considered boring and monotonous. I admit, some truth to that, but it is not less true that for us the same…

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5 most exotic dishes of the world
Frogs, snails, Scorpions in chocolate, octopus and fried grasshoppers – what not to eat in the world! However, there are dishes that amaze even the most inveterate foodies, and to…