5 Salads of Squid
For cooking, you may need: squid 400 grams; 4 regular carrots; 1 packet spices (for Korean carrot); a bit of salt; 10 grams of sugar; 35 grams olive oil; 15…

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Summer salads
Summer salads - recipes for every day On a Sunny hot day is absolutely not only too lazy to cook serious and heavy food, but even eating it. I want…

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The most expensive dishes of the world

The most expensive

The most expensive brand in the world – Coca-Cola. Its cost is estimated at 68.9 billion dollars, representing almost 60 percent of the value of the whole company.

The most expensive hotel in the world the Most in the world. Seven-star hotel Buri Al Arab in Dubai. The most modest room will have to pay 770 Euro per night and the Royal Suite will cost you € 7 700.

The most expensive coffee in the world. Grade Kopi Luwak from Sumatra. A quarter pound costs about 75 dollars. On the coffee plantations of Java and Sumatra usual unusual marsupials animal – Luwak (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). He only eats ripe coffee beans. Luwak cannot digest a coffee bean and it gets rid of the “natural ways”. Local residents diligently collect undigested animal coffee beans from which is prepared the most expensive coffee in the world. The rich taste of this drink is due to the special properties of the gastric juice of the animal.

The most expensive potato in the world. Grade La Bonnotte from France. Sold for about 500 euros per kilo.

The most expensive lunch in the world. David Einhorn (head of the firm Greenlight Capital) at auction for 250 100 dollars bought the right to dine with his idol, billionaire Warren Buffett.

The most expensive salad in 2003, the Salad cost 637 pounds (about 1000 dollars) per portion was provided chef Raymond Blanc at the National week of salads. Salad called Salade Croustillante Terre et Mer crowns the menu of the restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons in Oxford and consists of the most expensive products. The main ingredient is a unique Beluga caviar Almas (its distinctive feature is the white color). The caviar is extracted from fish, which is more than 100 years, as it is believed that the older the sturgeon, the more delicate the taste of her eggs. This caviar is extremely rare and breathtakingly expensive. Packed only one Iranian firm Almas House, with banks of pure gold in 24 carats – about 998-carat (the purest gold in the world). Pounds white caviar age-old Beluga is more than 23 thousand dollars. Until recently, to eat Almas caviar was reserved for the Shah, – all others are trying to enjoy caviar had his right hand cut off. In addition, in a salad, used the most expensive black truffles, a special species of crayfish and lobster, olive oil, leaves of young lettuce, red Romanian pepper, vinegar 30 year old and ordinary potatoes.

The most expensive Burger in 2003, the restaurant “Old house” in new York began selling the world’s most expensive Burger is $ 41. This gastronomic miracle weighs almost a pound and served with fries. However, its price is justified not only by size but also by the quality of the products. If you believe the owners of the restaurant, a Burger made of marbled beef, imported from Japan, where bulls otpaivaete beer and massaged daily so that the meat was juicier. According to journalists, the Burger very tasty, but to eat the whole thing and not feel bad is impossible.