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Great chicken salad and egg pancakes

Great chicken salad and egg pancakes every day

How many recipes of salads exists in modern cooking? Probably, to answer this question, hardly anyone can. Each salad has a different flavor, and for the preparation of each salad, using a specific set of ingredients. The standard salad is no surprise, because we will tell you how to cook a unique chicken salad and egg pancakes.

For its preparation will need a small amount of food, but as a result we get a unique salad with an unbeatable taste. For this we need:

1. A pound of chicken

2. Seven chicken eggs

3. Three medium onions

4. Mayonnaise

5. Vegetable oil

6. Salt to taste

Let’s not bury the Lede, immediately proceed directly to the process of cooking, he is harder than chicken liver. what I saw on websitee, but the taste will not be worse, at exactly. First we need to boil the chicken. You need to cook it until fully cooked-about twenty minutes after boiling.

The onion must be applied if desired. Some simply do not digest. If you decide to add it, then its worthwhile to start finely chop. Received sliced onions pour boiling water and leave 10 minutes. Then the water drained, and the onion rinse in cold water. This must be done in order to remove the bitterness from the product.

While we wait for the end of cooking the chicken, start cooking the pancakes. Break each egg into a separate container, add salt and pepper to taste, then whisk with an ordinary whisk. At this time take a pan, add vegetable oil and heat. On a heated pan pour the beaten egg and fry pancake on both sides. This procedure must be done with each egg. All the pancakes stacked in a pile, and cut into four parts. Each part should be cut into small strips.

By this time our chicken already prepared and cooled. We also cut into small pieces. In one bowl mix the fillet, pancakes and onion. All sprinkle with salt and season with mayonnaise. Then you need the salad to be mixed thoroughly. Salad can be considered ready to eat.

The Council specifically for our readers! To make the salad even more delicious, you can add another ingredient. To create the effect of freshness you can add diced cucumber. The salad was sweeter, you can add one jar of canned corn. To add a certain acidity, you can use pickled cucumber.


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