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Eat healthy in other countries

How to keep your stomach in an exotic country

Visiting one or another exotic country, our Russian enthusiastic tourist wants to receive not only visual, tactile and olfactory impressions of the new space and taste. Still! I want to try everything at once! How to resist, for example, the temptation to experience on its stomach “the Dragon Fight with a Tiger” in Chinese? The so-called roast snakes and cats. Special and unforgettable pleasure you can get, bite dumplings with octopus or stew of dog meat.

Here you can list lots of other exotic dishes that are ready round the clock to tempt the travelers with their variety of delicious flavors of meat, seafood or spices.

Almost every southern European country is very specific, replete with hot spices so much, that often lose the natural taste of food. Therefore, Russian tourists for food should be treated selectively and gluttonize very carefully. Well, if the holidays end belly harmless eating after a meal is absolutely impossible to force yourself to get up from the table. So “luck” may smile only people with exceptionally good health. Much more common are cases, when the holiday is overshadowed by the heavy consequences.

How to protect yourself from the increased load on the digestive tract during the trip? Collecting bag in the road, do not forget in addition to the beautiful outfits, put there is a small kit of medicines that will help to protect your vacation from unwanted feelings.

The recommendation here is quite simple:

first of all, try not to change my diet too drastically. Making one meal exotic, the other two leave traditional. Before and after taking unusual, especially spicy foods, alcohol content, it is necessary to take enveloping antacid medication such as Maalox.

during the meal it is useful to take enzymes. For Example, Festal. It will effectively protect the body from indigestible food. Festal active even after a single use, but better to take it during their stay in this exotic country. It fit and healthy people, and those who already have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

much at risk to face serious problems of the stomach those girls and women, undermining before you leave your pieces to the perfect sizes, long time sat on various restrictive diets. Regularly avoiding eating some types of food in daily life and eating on the holiday a large number of unusual products, they create incredible stress on the entire digestive tract. Such people are on vacation, you should try to avoid spicy food and gassy drinks. During the meal it is better not to drink more than one glass of any liquid so as not to disturb the digestion. Don’t be shy when ordering in a restaurant dish, tell the waiter: “no spice, no chile, no curry”.

Not hurt in the first aid kit and the most common activated carbon. It also can help to normalize digestion and reduce the discomfort associated with the consumption of food overseas. As an antispasmodic, useful Nospanum.

In any case, the food should not be the only reason to get new unforgettable impressions from trips around the world. Do not succumb to the temptations of gluttony, do your best to limit myself on time. And then the vacation will be remembered as a wonderful and unique episode in your life!

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