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A healthy diet

Recipes for every day

The trend of recent years is embracing the passion of Italian and Japanese cuisine. But have you ever wondered what is the reason? The explanation is simple: healthy meals and recipes for every day with minimal investment and maximum impact!

We perceive foreign cuisine, as something exotic and exquisite. Let’s see whether this is true.

Italian kitchen

More recently, by chronological standards, Italian cuisine was the worst in Europe. Why? Simply put, this is simple country food that does not require much effort during cooking, with a small assortment of initial products.

Japanese cuisine

With Japanese cuisine, the situation is almost antologica. Recipes of Japanese cuisine every day — this is a traditional food of fishermen, where the major share of the finished product is a cheap raw material (rice and seaweed), and only a small portion expensive protein part of the order of 10-15%. But the modern marketing system has allowed these two to turn at first glance ugly kitchen into a masterpiece of the culinary world, relegating to the second plan of the country with a really wide and varied history of culinary art. The word says that in Italy and Japan the most expensive and considered gourmet French restaurants and the most exotic, where it is supposed a healthy diet — Russian.

A healthy diet in Russian kitchen — recipes for every day

About Russian cuisine can talk endlessly on the evil of the envious and spiteful critics. Our kitchen is self sufficient and varied. Something we borrowed, but most of the products used in cooking of Russian dishes, are an integral part of the culinary culture of Russia and ancient Russia.

Not going too deep into the story, but just for General information: most of the so-called Mediterranean herbs and spices the ancient Romans began to use after trips to the territory, in consequence of which became known as the Rus. Hard cheeses have started to fabricate long before the invention in the eleventh century the notorious Parmesan.

In Russia, corned beef was never called Parma ham, but it didn’t lose its qualities. Dandelions no one called rocket, but they are widely used in salads. And Japanese fishermen did not cease to envy the abundance of sea and river fish inhabiting the territory of Russia.

What can I say, this recipe is widely known every day as dumplings, supposedly brought to us from China, was known in Eastern Europe in the fourth century BC Prepared this healthy food for the ancestors of the ancient Slavs — the Wends, of meat, wrapped in rye dough, and it was called in literal translation just with the ears.

If You pay out your preferences to Russian food, we truly discover a whole unknown world of flavors and sensations seemingly long-known, but actually forgotten and unknown.

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