Appetizer "Mushrooms"
Snack – this is what is served before serving the main course. No snacks, no cost, no feast and no feast. It is difficult to imagine a feast, which would…

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Salads for the holiday
This page presents salad recipes for holidays and every day. Salad is a versatile dish that is present on our table regardless of the season: in summer it is light…

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TOP 50 dishes of the world

First dish – Rendang, Indonesia. It’s beef cooked in milk with “lemon herb”, garlic, turmeric, ginger and chili pepper. Readers called this dish “the most exquisite”.

Second best also became an Indonesian dish – Nasi goreng, a mix of rice, eggs, chicken.

Japanese sushi on the third position, as noted by one Respondent “the delicacy can be simple”. In fourth place – Tom yam goong (Thailand), a dish composed of many ingredients: shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, “lemon grass”, lime, lots of spices, usually served with coconut milk.

The fifth was Pad thai, also Thai dish, with special sauce.

Sixth place, too, for Thai kitchen – Som tam or papaya salad, with spices, game meat.

Googsie dumplings Dim sum does not need any introduction, and they are loved by locals and tourists of all ages – in seventh place.

Japanese dish Ramen at the eighth position, a noodle soup with meat and spices.

Peking duck “Peking Duck” needs no introduction, but to enjoy her best in Beijing(approx.ed.while it still serves all the old traditions, which today, according to the environmentalists harm the environment).

And closes the top ten Thai dish Massaman curry, still curry is one of the most popular and favorite dishes in the world.

11. Lasagna,Italy – ahead dish pizza, pasta and many other Italian dishes.

12. Korean – kimchi.

13. Singapore chicken rice, called the “national dish”( chicken, rice with olive oil, vegetables, pickles, spices, sauce).

14. Satay,Indonesia –a meat dish with sousom.

15. American ice cream with nuts, chocolate sauce.

16. Turkish kebab in arias is not needed.

17. Italian ice however, also you can leave Aria, because it is his birthplace.

18. French croissant with raspberry jam and strong coffee.

19. And again curry(Green curry), this time green from Thailand.

20. Pho, Vietnam (properly called “fuh”) is soup, rice noodles, several kinds of herbs, chicken or beef.

21. Fish ‘n’ chips, England – a favorite dish of locals and tourists existing since 1860.

22. Egg tart (Egg tart), Hong Kong is a sweet dessert that is best eaten warm. According to the former Governor of Hong Kong Chris Patten ( Chris Patten), the best pastime in the city is a treat cake.

23. Bulgogi, Korea – this dish was invented 1000 years, it’s a mixture of “fire and meat”, very useful in the diet, vitamins, minerals, proteins – rice, meat, eggs, vegetables.

24. Fried rice (fried rice) fried rice can be any, but as it is done in Thailand, it is difficult to repeat.

25. The Mexican chocolate.

26. Penang assam laksa,Malaysia is roasted fish mackerel with spices, pineapple…

27. Calling card Mexico – Tacos, tortillas with meat, sea salt, salsa, garlic…

28. BBQ pork, Hong Kong. The meat is covered with honey sauce and of course rice.

29. Chili crab, Singapore (crabs with chili pepper..).

30. American cheeseburger also made the list.

31. American fried chicken.

32. Lobster no matter where cooked most importantly the best chef.

33. Spanish paella with seafood.

34. Baked shrimp, Hong Kong.

35. Neapolitan pizza, Italy

36. Moo nam tok, Thailand (pork grilled with lemon juice, Chile, garlic and other spices, fish sauce and rice).

37. Potato chips, United States.

38. Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate cake with nuts, international dessert.

39. Masala dosa, India (thin, crispy crepes stuffed with spicy potatoes – a popular snack in South India).

40. Bibimbap, Korea (vegetables, meat, rice with spices and egg).

41. Galbi, Korea (the meat with spices…)

42. Hamburger, Germany.

43. Mexican fajitas.

44. Laksa, Singapore.

45. Roti prata, Singapore.

46. Maple syrup, Canada is a truly canadian product that I love to use in desserts and main courses.

47. Italian pasta – Fettuccine Alfredo.

48. Parma ham, Italy.

49. Lechon, Philippines (suckling pig roasted on a spit).