Appetite, like Carlson
Appetite, like Carlson The cuisine of Northern people is considered boring and monotonous. I admit, some truth to that, but it is not less true that for us the same…

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The worst dishes of the world
The Country Of Mexico. For its preparation used eggs of the giant Mexican ants that belong to the genus liometopum. This dish is pure Mexican invention, analogues it is not…

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Petersburgers talked about the most exotic dishes


When I was with my exhibition in London, Indian restaurant, I was served something similar at our crunchies that I was a problem for him to work with a big appetite. It turned out that these were Indian fried cockroaches. At the time I lost my appetite.:

– Well, for example, crocodile soup, which we ate in Thailand on a crocodile farm. Soup as a soup similar to chicken, but it is very healing: after eating it, one of our comrade immediately recovered from a lingering bronchitis.

– In 99-m to year in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the estate our guests were served a dish from the menu Repin lunch 11 Aug. 1911 – turnips stewed in wine, and salad of dried herbs that recipes Repin wife, vegetarian Norman-Severova.
the blockade:

– During the siege at the flea market mom bought grandma’s gold earrings on a can of corned beef, brought it home, and the Bank was full of rags and steel nails.

Valentine BRITTO, Intern from Rome, the Italian Institute of culture in St. Petersburg:

– Russian pelmeni.

– A year ago in one of the Buddhist monastery, I was treated to solarskin tea – green tea with Yak butter. His energy is such that the cups of this tea solarski people measures the distance: three cups of tea is 8 km away… In July at the opening of our exhibition “Turkestan and Tibet: Salars” guests will be offered tea.

Nicholas SUVORIN, the captain of the fishing vessel:

In Reykjavik I tried the Icelandic delicacy – roasted tea. I did not like. But liked the steak of a young pony.

– Recently in the library Mayakovsky at the opening of the exhibition lithographic stones, and were treated to cookies in the form of business cards with legible inscriptions. I ate two cards of count Apraksin and three cards of Prince Golitsyn.

– In its 52nd year, the government in China ordered to destroy sparrows, because they were considered to eat the crops. My father, being a military Advisor in China, took me, then the girl on reception in the Beijing Embassy, and there I saw on the table in a large bowl, a pyramid of legs fried sparrows. The taste of this dish I don’t remember sticking out but legs still in front of me.


The most expensive dishes in the world
Rich people spend millions of dollars on Islands, yachts and mansions. In terms of food, they also do not strive to limit myself by choosing the best and most expensive.…

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Beer snacks
  Party for friends with lots of cold beer – this fellowship, fun and relaxation. Because of this, and snacks made with beer, should match the decor and to be…