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5 Salads of Squid

For cooking, you may need:

squid 400 grams;

4 regular carrots;

1 packet spices (for Korean carrot);

a bit of salt;

10 grams of sugar;

35 grams olive oil;

15 grams 9% of vinegar.

With the carcass of the squid to remove the peel, then extract the insides. Should remain only the meat. The cleaned pulp is dipped in a pot of boiling water. Once the water boils again, wait a few minutes and immediately remove podarennoe squid. He will reach the state of readiness, while will cool down. The cooled pulp is cut into thin shavings. Carrot peel and grate on a special grater. Add rest of the ingredients and mix well. To combine both products and give the finished dish to infuse. Salad with calamari and Korean carrots get moderately sharp and quite delicate.


2) For those who like a more spicy dish, a salad with calamari and Korean carrots can be cooked a little differently. The principle remains the same, but somewhat different set of initial products

1 large onion;

3 cloves of garlic;

3 large Morkovin;

a mixture of ground pepper (black and red);


3 tablespoons soy sauce; sugar;

any vegetable oil; teaspoon 70% of vinegar. The cooking process is similar to the previous: Cleaned squid boil 3 minutes in boiling water and then grind in the form of straw. You can substitute soy sauce and leave for half an hour. Carrot RUB in Korean straw and add to it the vinegar, sugar and salt. Chopped half rings onion fry slightly in oil. Garlic pass through a press. All products collect in a bowl (including the onions still hot), stir and leave for 3 hours. If you can’t wait long, can eat the dish without waiting too long.


3) If time is very little, the squid with carrot can be cooked easier. This does not mean that the dish will turn out wrong or not tasty. Just in the recipe it is necessary to leave only the main products:

5 small carcasses squid take 4 medium-sized carrots and one package of refills (for Korean carrot).

Method of preparation:

Remove the skin from the squid, and the meat boiled whole in salted water. After 3 minutes, strain it in a colander and rinse under the tap. Slice the cooled carcass in the form of shavings or straw. Clean the carrots and chop the shavings. You can use your food processor with a special attachment or do it manually. Mix the ingredients in a separate bowl, and send the dish in the refrigerator. After a few hours squid with a carrot put into a salad bowl and serve as snacks.

This spicy additive perfect roasted chicken or fried shrimp.


4) As known, Korean carrots with squid perfectly. But if to diversify the list of products, you can get a pretty salad. Only need:

300 grams squid;

1 avocado;

4 tablespoons of boiled rice;

150 g of lettuce “iceberg”;