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Cooking meats

Cooking meats

On average, for second dishes for a family of 5 — 6 people take 1 kg of meat (one portion is usually up to 200 g). Of course, one may desire to increase or decrease this number. To beat the meat should be moistened with water on the chalkboard. To the flattened slices of meat when roasting is not wrapped, the edges have a few places to cut. When cooking veal and pork natural meat cut into cutlets and slightly separated from the bones so that it is well and fry in seed oil.

To check the readiness of meat, it is necessary to pierce it with the tip of a knife or fork. If boiled or stewed meat they are free and on the site of the puncture there is no pink fluid — this means that the meat is ready. Grilled meat is pierced to the middle of the piece and hold the knife or fork 3 to 4 seconds, then quickly remove and see if there is a colorless clear juice, the meat is ready. Have ready minced products with pressure on them with a knife appears colorless transparent juice. When cooking meat, pour it boiling salted water. Aromatic extractive substances remain in the meat. If the meat cover with cold water, they go into the broth.

Stewed meat in a sealed container with a lid. Previously, it is recommended to repel, salt and seasoning and fry in a pan. Ruddy crust on the surface of the meat prevents the release of meat juice.

Stew meat can be different. The sauce was dark, and the meat a juicy, stew it on low heat on the fat just pouring a little water or broth. You can fry the meat on the fat, pour it with water in a layer of one finger and simmer until the water has evaporated, turning occasionally meat.

If the meat is stewed with vegetables, then lay them after the meat becomes soft. During roasting meat periodically should be lubricated with fat and pour juice or hot broth pot, a pan, a frying pan.

When roasting fatty meat, formed excess fat is drained, so it does not burnt. Veal will be beautiful, if her butter.

When roasting a piece of meat, the fat must be without impurities water (for example, butter and table margarine not suitable for frying). Good for frying vegetable oil, lard, beef tallow. The fat should be well heated, otherwise it may peel off the breading. Start to fry on the big fire, but once the meat is browned, reduce the fire.

Preparing kidneys, it is necessary to remember that the fat of the kidneys gives them an unpleasant odor. Therefore, razdelyaya kidneys, since they have to remove fat. The older the animal from which is taken the kidneys, the need to have them cleaned. To flush the kidneys is recommended in several waters. In the last water add the vinegar. Before zhareniem kidneys in General form is recommended for 2 — 3 minutes in a pot with boiling water, then rinse and drain.

For roast meat should be salted before the fire, but not before you remove it from the oven.