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A light and tasty salad

A light and tasty salad

The ability to prepare tasty salads will make your table festive and colorful, these dishes are not only delicious, but also quite bright. Also, each hostess, you must be able to prepare light and delicious salads in haste, because the guests can come without warning and take you by surprise.

Delicious salad with calamari


squid in oil – 150 g;

leaf lettuce – 2 PCs.;

the tomatoes – 10 PCs.;

red bell pepper – 1 PC.;

blue onion – 0,5 PCs;

parsley – 0.5 beam;


For the sauce:

lemon – 0,5 PCs;

olive oil – 50 ml;



For cooking easy and quick salad, calamari press from oil and slice into small pieces. Wash the vegetables and dry on paper towel. The shinkuem tomatoes in half and fresh lettuce leaves torn with the hands on arbitrary pieces. Bell pepper processed from the seeds and shred into thin half-rings. Onion peel and also chop rings. Now take a small bowl and cook in the sauce for the salad: mix lemon juice with olive oil and spices. All the prepared ingredients in a salad bowl combine, stir, season with the sauce, mix up and spread on portions of the plates.

Light salad with chicken breast


chicken breast – 300 g;

orange – 1 piece.

cucumber – 1 PC.;

Chinese cabbage – 100 g;

butter -1 tbsp.

For the marinade:

wine vinegar – 2 tablespoons;

olive oil – 100 ml;

spicy mustard – 1 tsp.;

orange juice – 50 ml;



Fillets cut into slices, sprinkle with spices and fry over high heat, stirring, until tender. Chinese shinkuem cabbage thinly with a sharp knife, and cucumber wash and cut into slices. Orange cleaned, cut into slices, remove them from the films and from multiple slices and squeeze the juice. The remaining pulp is cut into slices. To prepare the marinade, mix the orange juice with a sharp mustard, wine vinegar, oil and spices. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, stir and pour the fragrant dressing.

Quick easy and tasty chicken salad


celery – 4 PCs.;

chicken breast – 1 PC.;

pickled cucumber – 4 PCs.;

red onion – 0,5 PCs;

yogurt or mayonnaise for refueling.


Boil the breast until fully cooked, then let cool and cut into pieces. Shred pickled cucumber slices, and celery finely shinkuem. Onion peel and chop half rings. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, dressed with low-fat yogurt and mix well. That’s all, easy delicious and inexpensive salad is ready!

Delicious shrimp salad


shrimp – 350 g;

vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons;

cheese – 100 g;

canned pineapple – 200 g;

lemon juice – 2 tsp.;

sour cream 15 % – 2 tsp.;

lettuce leaves – 4 PCs.;



Shrimp boil, cool and clean. Then add the sour cream, spices and mix. With pineapple drained and syrup gently, cut them into pieces and combine with shrimp. Take hard cheese and grate it on a small grater. Lettuce wash out and podsushiwatm towel. Now spread the leaves on a plate, top distribute shrimp with pineapple and pour all the oil. Sprinkle the salad with lemon juice and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Delicious and easy salad with shrimp

shrimp – 200 g;

cherry tomatoes – 13 PCs.;

salad leaves – 200 g;

quail eggs – 10 PCs.;

cheese – 50 g;

olive oil – 50 ml.


Eggs and shrimp boil separately and cleaned. Shred the cheese on a small grater, eggs and tomatoes cut into halves. Salad leaves tear hands to pieces and spread them on the prepared ingredients. Sprinkle with all the butter, sprinkle with salt to taste and sprinkle with cheese.