The most expensive dishes and treats in the world
  The information contained in this article was specially selected for the gourmet, the size of purses which exceeds the capacity of the pockets. But if You're like most people,…

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The most expensive dishes and treats in the world


The information contained in this article was specially selected for the gourmet, the size of purses which exceeds the capacity of the pockets. But if You’re like most people, don’t worry – 5 years of hard work, and You can save up for the opportunity to taste one of the most expensive meals or treats.

Exquisite Saffron.

This spice is made from the stigmas of a poor flower Shafransky, who so heartlessly tear and sent for recycling. In order to create one hundred grams of this spice, you will need 50,000 flowers. Each with three stigmas. In simple terms Saffron not to cook – you need laboratory equipment and workforce. Now the most important thing – from 500 to 5000 dollars worth a pound. Expensive, but justified.

The incomparable diamond caviar.

The so-called Beluga caviar of the highest quality. Diamond because color is light. The lighter the caviar, the older the fish. About the taste, we and we will not argue – it is excellent. This caviar is so expensive because the Beluga is not so common. Even a jar of caviar under 24хкаратного made from gold. Only in a London restaurant Caviar House &Prunier you can enjoy the taste of this wonderful dish. The treats cost about $ 50,000 per kilogram.

Excellent white truffle.

Northern Italy is fertile ground for this type of expensive truffles. Because at 500 grams You will have to pay 3000 dollars. But will enjoy though expensive, but excellent taste.

The marble steak.

Meat that serves as the basis for such dishes, it is not like any other. Because it is able to give only cow of the breed “hazima” (just like Godzilla). But even this is not enough. They must be kept on a special diet, a diet that includes even beer. 40-150 dollars is certainly a small price for steak for 500 grams of food, compared to all the others, but still expensive.

Coffee from the intestines.

Sounds disgusting, but everything in order. Sort of this coffee is called Kopi Luwak, is made in Malaysia, Sumatra, Java and Philippines. Now explain why the intestines. The fact is that in Asia it inhabits palm marten, which happily eats the berries, but the coffee beans don’t want to be digested in her body. Here smart people (I wonder how they thought of it) and decided to do one of those cool coffee beans. The only downside is that in the year of collectors collect just 500 pounds of beans, so the coffee is so expensive for a pound of undigested Martens coffee $ 300.

Martini with a diamond.

Do you think it’s cool to see at the bottom of a Martini glass with olives instead of a diamond? Anyway. The size of the diamond is 1.6 CT. To taste this expensive beverage that costs 16000 dollars only in Japanese Ritz-Carlton hotel, located in Tokyo.

A treat of chocolate truffles.

These truffles are created by the skillful hands of craftsmen from the company Knipschildt Chocolatier, in Connecticut. The cost of $ 6000 per kilogram is justified by the composition of the Goodies, including Valrhona cocoa and some interesting spices.

Pizza in 1000 dollars.

The name picked right – Nino’s facilities to match, bellisima. The composition of such dishes include lobster, 6 kinds of caviar and crab meat. After that pizza is truly a meal or a treat, but expensive. Already want, isn’t it? $ 1000 without problems.

That we lived so!

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