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Appetizer Meat pigtails

Hearty manly dish “Meat plait”

Hello friends!

Today we will see an interesting recipe on real man’s food called “male braids”, agree the name is slightly strange, but I assure you the taste is just amazing.

All married and caring women the main task (problem)in life to feed his beloved, strong mate and all the hostesses know that no meat with this task quite difficult, regular salad will not do, so I suggest a recipe for a delicious meat dish to lightly spice the meat diet of your favorite men. Male braids are quite simply, a special dish of trouble you will not deliver, and that your husbands would be fucking nice to your account, they will be very pleased with this very hearty Breakfast.

To prepare a meat dish we need such ingredients as:

Pork or beef — 500 grams;

Onions — 100 grams;

Lemon — half;

Salt, pepper — to taste;

Oil — for frying;

Mustard — 1 teaspoon;

Flour — 100 grams;

Cooking meals “male braids”

What meat without an onion, but first we need to prepare, so take out the onion, peel from the husk, wash and lightly on the kitchen butcher cut it in half rings, so how do we cut when cooked pork with pineapple .

Let us further meat, in this dish we will use pork, but this does not mean that the beef does not fit, you can use it. Wash meat well and cut into thin layers on chops. of course these same layers of meat we need to recapture the culinary hammer. When the meat is repulsed, each layer on both sides with salt and pepper.

Now, on each slice we need to make two vertical cuts with a little retreat from the top.

Then “trash” on meat and braid it giving it the form of braids, this is done simply enough and I don’t think there is a need to tell you how to braid pigtails. Edges braided meat secure with toothpick so it does not unwind.

Now we have obtained braids marinade in a deep bowl add meat pigtails, onions, mustard, press out the juice with the lemon halves and all of it good, but gently stir then leave the meat to marinate for forty — sixty minutes.

When the meat is marinated, start frying on the pan pour a little vegetable oil and put it on the stove to heat up, when oil and pan is hot, spread on her pigtails in this pre-roll them in flour on both sides.

If the meat is fairly well cooked and have acquired a Golden crust, turn it upside down and fry on the other hand, it is necessary to fry with lid on are not very high heat that the meat is completely ready.

That’s all, a real man’s meat ready. Meat for the hair is perfect for Breakfast and romantic dinner with your loved one. Bon appetit.

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