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Meat rolls with filling


The new Year is around the corner and many are already in the thoughts begin to lay the new year table, selecting all the most delicious and exquisite, regardless of the budget.

Meat rolls, the recipe for which my wife called “Another autumn”, traditionally served to our festive table in the New year here is fifteen years old because they are easy, simple, and most importantly, it turns out very tasty!

– pork fat (not salted) at the rate of 200 g per 1 kg of meat ;

– black and red ground pepper ;

– vegetable oil for frying ;

It all started with the fact that his wife read the recipe in a detective novel, where the protagonist was preparing this dish, giving a detailed description.

The novel was called “Another autumn”.

So, who cares, let’s go! How to cook meatloaf . or rather rolls? Very simply, the recipe is not complicated.

Meat rolls with filling

The main component we will, of course, meat. Namely, lean fillet of beef such size that it can be cut into layers at least 5×10 inches and a thickness of from 5 to 10 mm.

The meat is cut into layers. Better to do it when it is slightly thawed.

And then cutting is easy and layers get even.

If the thickness is too large – not a problem. We still need every piece to beat

Take the “special equipment” for batting and “processed” on both sides, sprinkle with salt before each side (salt to taste).

As a result, our layers become smoother and uniform in thickness.

With meat now. Prepare a filling.

Filling, as You’ve probably guessed, will consist of pork fat, flavored with garlic and pepper, red and black.

The fat cut into small squares.

Also finely chop the garlic. How much garlic? As you like, I. for example, added 4 large cloves per kilogram with a little meat.

To lazy to chop up, you can use the “masher”.

When the bacon and garlic are ready, mix them together and add black and red pepper (also to taste). And here the stuffing is ready.

Now lay the meat and every plastic in the middle of the add


And after that, each plastic roll.

The rolls are not turned them to drag the thread, perhaps even in several places, if the rolls turned out big.

Next, we need to fry the rolls. Put on the fire pan, pour a little oil. A little is just to close the bottom of the pan.

Fry our products from all of the parties, from time to time, turning often, until Golden brown.

Well, the last stage. We shift the contents of the pan

in a roasting pan along with the separated fat, add water, a little more than half a Cup (maybe more if a large roaster and rolls a lot).

Hot water or cold is not important.

And the top is covered with seasoning. What? Of course the one that You like!

Fans of sharp little can add even pepper, although he’s already in the stuffing.

Put the roasting pan over medium heat and simmer until tender.

Time is not less than an hour, the beef after all! If beef is young, then time will be less.

In any case, the rolls must be such that melted in the mouth.

When it is ready, don’t forget to cut and remove the threads.

To the table can be served with any garnish or as a separate snack. And snack right!

I think even the opponents of fatty foods to let

yourself to try meat filled rolls . such a treat!