The most delicious and healthy dish
  Cook at home together with Tefal is announcing the launch of the competition "The most delicious and healthy dish". Worldwide healthy lifestyle has long become a conscious choice of…

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Named the most - delicious - city of the world
  Named ten cities, which are recognized by tourists the most "delicious". Traveling to different countries and cities, you'll want to get acquainted with the local cuisine and try something…

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Best Korean dishes


Korean culture is unique in its approach to food. The food seems to extend to all aspects of life. If you watched Korean movies, you might have noticed that at least in one scene someone is eating. Shot entire films based on Korean cuisine. For Koreans food is more that just saturation, it’s taste, medicine and a connection with history. Below I’ve listed ten dishes that, in my opinion, the most delicious, in addition, these dishes can please the Westerner, and Korean.

Stew with soft tofu

Sundubu jjigae is a Korean stew dish, thicker than soup but thinner than porridge. When it is cooked the traditional way in a clay pot, everything is done in one container. So then very simple to wash the dishes. It is based on a fish broth and a little beef. Then add fresh shellfish, hot peppers, tofu, and eggs on request. The chef can make a dish as spicy as he likes it, depends on the number of peppers. A small amount of beef is typical of Korean cuisine, and demonstrates how this is a good food – meat need for taste rather than to fill the stomach. This dish is worth a try, for example, in order to get acquainted with tofu, which Continue reading

Beet salad with

Beet salad with: 4 of the most delicious and easy recipe

Salads occupy a Central place on our table. There are different recipes of salads. Particularly useful are salads of vegetables. They are perfectly combined with meat dishes or side dishes.

One of the most simple salads – a beet salad. This light salad is very tasty. In addition, it takes a few minutes, if you pre-boil the beets.

Salad with beets and garlic

To prepare the beet salad with garlic you will need:

2 beets

2 cloves of garlic

70-100 grams of cheese


salt to taste

Salad with beets, walnuts and prunes

To make the salad you will need:

2 medium-sized beets

garlic clove

5-7 pieces of prunes

1/3 Cup walnuts


The recipe for the salad with beets with walnuts and prunes

Boil the beets in their skins. Steam the prunes, remove the stones, if any and finely chop.

Walnuts slightly crushed.

Connect the prunes, beets, walnuts and garlic, passed through press.

Mayonnaise. Eat on a health!

Beet salad with olive oil

Continuing the theme of simple and delicious beet salad: this salad is very light, it will suit girls who are watching a figure. In addition, the salad Continue reading

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